Hyrdaulic Systems Simulation Tool




What Is HSST?

HSST (Hydraulic Systems Simulation Tool) is a Simulink library for modeling, simulating, and analyzing hydraulic systems.

HSST is a very powerful library which contains several blocks that represent accurate model of different hydraulic components

All major hydraulic components like valves or actuators are modelled in one single top level block.

Each component has an input mask which allows the data input using engineering values which can be found directly from the component manufacturer catalogue.

The connection between hydraulic components is very simple, pressures and flows values are each a single vector, containing both supply and return; this architecture simplifies much the model construction. The input and output ports of the components are named to make easy the block connection.

The blocks contained in this library allow to build up in a very simple way a dynamic simulation model of several hydraulic actuation systems connected to a single hydraulic power generation unit.

It is also possible to build thermal models of the related cooling systems, to evaluate the hydraulic fluid temperature trend during a sequence of operative cycles of the actuation systems.

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