Hyrdaulic Systems Simulation Tool




Hydraulic lines



Into the hydraulic lines block there are 12 blocks relevant to hydraulic lines, hydraulic inertance, hydraulic resistance and the hydraulic compliance.

For the hydraulic lines there are three blocks: the first represents the lines upstream the valves, both supply and return lines, the second represents both the controlled lines downstream the 4 way valves, while the last represents the single controlled line downstream the 3 way valves. In case of very long pipes, to increase the simulation accuracy, it is possible to utilise more than one line block, connected in series. The hydraulic lines blocks represent the fluid inertia, the resistance and the compliance of a pipe; in the library the blocks representing inertance (plus resistance), resistance and compliance are also available and can be used to simulate a pipe network. In this case each pipe can be represented by one inertance block or by a resistance block, while the compliance will be used to represent the connection point; the compliance value shall take into account the total volume of the pipe and the input flow shall be the sum of the flow of each input pipe. Also for the hydraulic inertance, resistance and compliance there are blocks relevant to the double lines and to the single line; the single line blocks, at their turn, are relevant to supply and to return line. The difference between supply and return line is only due to sign convention: for supply line if the input pressure is higher then the output pressure the flow is positive, while for return lines if the output pressure is higher then the input pressure the flow is positive. 

The following figure shows how to connect the blocks to represent the lines upstream and downstream of the valve.













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