Hyrdaulic Systems Simulation Tool




Running HSST


To run HSST, follow these steps:


  1. Start MATLAB
  2. From the toolbar click the icon ‘Path Browser’
  3. Click on the button ‘Browser…’
  4. Select the folder created for the HSST models and click on the ‘OK’ button
  5. Close the ‘Path Browser’ window
  6. Type HSST in the MATLAB command window to display the HSST block library.


The HSST block library looks like this:


To create a new dynamic simulation model double click on the ‘Create a New Model’ button, to create a new thermal simulation model double click on the ‘Thermal Simulation’ button, to open an existing model, both hydraulic or thermal, select ‘File’ and ‘Open…’ from the HSST window menu. To operate with HSST it is not required to open Simulink window.


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